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What certificate is needed for admission to universities in Belarus?

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Submission of documents to universities in Belarus starts on July 25, and one of the main documents, along with certificates of central heating and a certificate, is a medical certificate of health. Upon admission to higher educational institutions of Belarus, applicants must submit medical certificates to the admissions offices, which are especially drawn up during the summer.

To get a certificate, you need to ask the clinic for a referral of form 1 zdr / u-10. Most applicants for admission must pass:

  • general blood analysis;
  • general urine analysis;
  • fluorography;
  • ECG.

Also, the doctor may prescribe other examinations. Tests for reference must be taken in the morning, in the afternoon you can go through all the doctors - as a rule, it takes very little time.

Besides, as part of the preparation of a certificate for admission to universities, it is necessary to undergo an examination by an orthopedist (surgeon), neurologist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologic, dentist and, for girls, a gynecologist. Examination by doctors can also be additionally prescribed by a therapist.

In adult clinics, separate hours are allocated for the preparation of a certificate during the day - they can be found at the reception. The first step in obtaining a certificate in an adult clinic is to go to a pre - doctor's office, in a nursery - to a teenage doctor or district therapist.

The certificate for admission to universities must contain the following items:

  • Health care institution
  • Stamp and signature opposite the conclusion of each doctor
  • All desired programs (groups of specialties) in the column "Suitable for training ..."
  • Date of issue of the document
  • Stamp and signature of the head physician or his deputy
  • Be sure to double-check that the certificate contains everything you need: then you will not face problems at the admissions office. You can also study an example of a certificate in the corresponding resolution of the Ministry of - Education--.

Traffic will be limited in the center of Minsk in the evening

Transport traffic in Minsk will be corrected due to the rehearsal of festive events for the Day of the Paratrooper, the relevant information is posted on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

The 90th anniversary of the Airborne Forces, the successor of which is the Special Operations Forces, is celebrated in Belarus on August 2. On the holiday, festive events will be organized for Minsk dwellers the day before with the participation of MTR servicemen.

According to the ministry, one of the planned rehearsals will take place on Sunday, July 26, from 19:00 to 22:00 near the Sports Palace.

"The movement of equipment is scheduled from 18:00 on the route: Kolodischi settlement - Moscow Ring Road - Pobediteley Avenue - Palace of Sports. Return of equipment - the same route. The movement of motor transport will be limited" it was reported.

It is also noted that all planned events in the capital will be held from ten o'clock in the morning to 14:00.

"The program includes a helicopter landing on the ground and in the water area of ​​the Svisloch River, demonstration classes in hand-to-hand combat, and a drawing of combat episodes. Mechanics-drivers of armored personnel carriers will demonstrate" a waltz of cars on the water, "the Ministry of Defense explained.

An exhibition of equipment, weapons, uniforms will also be organized. The traffic police recommend road users to increase their vigilance and comply with traffic rules.

War of thieves in law: what is happening in the criminal world of Belarus?

Recently, representatives of the criminal environment have become more active in Belarus and this may be happening against the background of a general aggravation of the socio-economic and political situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, both in our country and in the world as a whole. In this sense, organized criminals resemble predatory hyenas that smell blood and are always activated in a difficult historical period.

Therefore, the recent public appeal of the so-called thief in law from Minsk, nicknamed Pashtet, "It's time to restore order in this country!" although it should be taken with a certain amount of irony, it should not be lightly ignored.

You should also take seriously the recent protest of criminals in Lida, where on July 9 SOBR suppressed a gang meeting, and later in one of the residential neighborhoods, there was a clash with the use of cold weapons by supporters of the thief in law Alexander Kushnerov.

Where do the legs of the Belarusian underworld come from?

The domestic criminal world is under the constant repressive influence of law enforcement agencies, and various criminal authorities, unlike their "colleagues" in several neighboring states, have not been able to integrate into the ruling circles, the business elite and do not have any serious influence on the situation in the country.

Nevertheless, the criminal underground in Belarus still exists and is trying not only to survive in difficult conditions but also to organize the criminal activity, to recruit new adherents into its ranks, to collect funds in the thieves' fund ("common fund"), to form an agenda in places of deprivation of liberty and create positions in the shadow sector of the economy.

The system of governing the underworld, its hierarchy, where the highest position is occupied by the so-called thieves in law, whose power is maintained through a kind of vertical of "overseers" and "supporters", is of great importance

After the collapse of the USSR, the top of the criminals retained not only the old "concepts" (rules of conduct in the criminal world), but also contacts with each other, and the Russian-speaking "lads" seeks to coordinate efforts, despite the different geopolitical orientations of the states that emerged on the site of the former Soviet republics. That is, we are talking about the fact that the Belarusian criminal environment is closely connected with similar circles in the post-Soviet space, primarily the Russian Federation, and many processes taking place in Belarus are echoes of events in the post-Soviet criminal world.

Therefore, the criminal war that unfolded in Russia between the clans of thieves-in-law Tariel Oniani (Taro) and Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), which led to the murder of the latter in 2013, could not but have a Belarusian projection. Two years before his death, in 2011, Ded Hasan accepted into the thieves' "family" a citizen of Belarus, a former killer of the Morozov criminal group, Alexander Kushnerov, nicknamed Sasha Kushner or Sasha Coat. The newly minted thief in law, who was replaced by 15 years of imprisonment back in the 1990s with an exceptional punishment for double murder, began to actively place his "watchers" and tried to infuse fresh blood into the half-dead bandit underground.

At the same time, at about the same time, Aslan Usoyan's opponents at a "gathering" in the UAE also "crowned" their proteges in Belarus. This is how they appeared in our country. Naturally, an irreconcilable struggle for influence in the criminal world and directly in prisons developed between Kushner and the Quartet, which continues to this day.

For Belarus, as for a country free of organized crime, the activation of bandits is a wake-up call that requires prompt adoption of appropriate measures.

OnlyFans, the "Patreon of porn" that gives creators control in exchange for 20% of the proceeds

OnlyFans is one of those social phenomena that have been going on for years and that explode and emerge as topics of conversation. The social network in which you pay monthly to access exclusive photos and videos has been running for four years, but today we can read articles like this because there are contestants on Belarusian television programs that publish their raunchy content there.

Can you say that OnlyFans is the Patreon of porn? You can, although not all people who use this social network are dedicated to teaching cheek. But it is as if we said that Pornhub is also a documentary website because it recently published one (about a lesbian club in Los Angeles). OnlyFans non-pornographic exceptions include athletes (fitness sector), nutritionists, and models who publish their content there. A rather rare practice, being able to use Patreon, which is much better known than OnlyFans and more economically profitable for creators, as we will see in a while.

What is exactly OnlyFans and what is its impact in Belarus?

It is a social network that emerged in 2016 as a copy of Patreon, online since 2013. According to their figures, they have 8 million users and 70,000 creators. Its foundation is the same as that of Patreon: in exchange for a subscription that usually goes from about 5 to 20 euros per month but that can go up to 46 euros, you access photos and videos that are only published there. You can also chat with the author of the content and, something exclusive to OF, give you a tip in exchange for content specially designed for you.

But the main difference is in the type of content you can see. In Patreon, there are rarely nudes, unless they can be justified as art or artistic photography. At OnlyFans it is very rare to see people dressed. Or standing up. Porn abounds with OnlyFans. Above all, there are gonzo (single scenes without the slightest plot) and solo games that last between 5 and 10 minutes. Professional but above all amateur content, both real (people whose main occupation is not porno) and fake (people who say that it is their first scene and it turns out that they have their directory on Xvideos with 175 clips).

“Onlyfans did not start out being exclusively for the use of sex workers (performers, webcamers, escorts, etc.), but it has emerged as such because it had a lot of traffic and has allowed our profiles,” explains Maryia Federova, actress, and director of porn movies.

But the platform has not only captivated many porn professionals who saw that the most popular social networks censored their claims (right now it can only be shown on Twitter). OnlyFans is also attracting the attention of non-professional porn divisions. Amateurs who want to try something manageable where they have control. Couples used to test themselves that when they see a porno, and they mutter that they could do better. Young people who produce packs (collections of photos and intimate videos) that they host at MEGA and whose download links send to guys who have Twitter accounts of the type @ fsfair683, who pay 10, 20, 30 euros for those packs, and which are very bad business –for those who photograph themselves– if they want to control their image on the Internet because as soon as @ fsfair683 has the photos, the whole Internet has them.

Why does it work so well with porn?

The quickest answer is because it allows it. Contrary to Patreon, where you can only post photos or videos if you can justify that it is some kind of art that cannot be understood with dressed people, in OnlyFans you can upload all the porn you want while the content is created by you. Owning what is filmed is the real key to making OnlyFans work. The same happens with Patreon, with Amazon's self-publishing service or, ultimately, with any digital platform that makes it easier for authors to collect the majority percentage for their works.

In the case of OnlyFans, 80% of the proceeds from subscriptions and tips are for the author. The remaining 20% is kept by OnlyFans, which is a fairly high commission considering that OF does not promote its authors (who use Twitter for it) and that its immediate non-porn competitor, Patreon, only charges 5%, expenses for separate card payments. (Here we should remember what we said above about why fitness models and instructors use OnlyFans to produce non-pornographic content knowing that they could upload the same content to Patreon and pay less commission).

Naturally, being the one who shoots the scene and stars in it pushes you to do it yourself. The filming set is usually the own house and the cast, if we are not talking about solo scenes, tends to be completed with other actors who use OF and even with friends outside of porn who do not mind being filmed if then their faces are blurred in post-production.

Ivan Smirnov, a porn actor, explains that for a shoot you need very sophisticated material, while for OF it is enough with a tripod and a phone with good resolution. To this technology, we only have to add “well-chosen shots (something that the actors know well) and a quick encounter. A shoot requires many hours of work, in OF it can be less than one”.

Smirnov acknowledges that OnlyFans changed his life. When OF came out, he did not use this platform, while many fellow professionals took advantage of the minutes before filming scenes to record clips and upload them to the networks to promote themselves, a practice that caused directors to start discarding those actors who did not respected their confidentiality contracts and valued those with a more discreet profile, such as Smirnov. “But at the point where I was scarcely one of those who did not use it and also seeing the number of new actors there are today, I started using it and It was a benefit. "

Right now, Smirnov uses OnlyFans and Justforfans (same rationale as OF, but with some content open). "Obviously, it takes a lot of dedication to record, edit, and hang the videos, but it's very profitable still."

A different experience than entering the usual web

“The user is usually tempted to see more personal content. Some of the performers upload exclusive material and the possibility of contacting the person directly makes it very tempting to be a follower”, explains Daria Petrovna, whose profile in OF charges 13.73 euros a month to its subscribers.

For the actress and director, who pays in OF is quite different from who visits or even pays in a more classic video portal. “He mainly values what you do, since he pays to see your creations. She knows that content can be more personal, not as produced as a scene could be.”

For Ivan, “many people prefer amateur porn because they think that x hamster cinema is very elaborate and not real, neither the chemistry between the actors nor the stories that are told. In OF the encounters are sporadic and natural. The chemistry you see among those people is not forced like on a shoot, "says Smirnov. According to the actor, professional filming is for those who prefer scenes where the image of the actors, the costumes, or the location are taken care of.

In Belarus, OnlyFans is not very well known, but it must be taken into account that most of the most popular faces of Belarusian porn have been there since the end of last year - there are exceptions, Petrovna started in late 2017 on the platform. If OF will get those who visit free pages to start paying up to € 46 a month for exclusive content - that is the amount that actress Maryia Federova asks for - we will only know in time.